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Subject: Cheap Chromatic Tuner Kicks "A"

From: "thomas white" <djthomaswhite@...>
Date: 2000-08-24

Hello all,

I recently bought a little $20 Korg chromatic tuner to calibrate/tune my 300
VCO's with. Let me say this thing works great for this job!!! My MOTM sounds
so in tune it scares me now. What a way to discover how tone deaf you
actually are when trying to use only your ear. Now I get the slowly beating
lead I wanted all the way up the keyboard and not just in a 2 octave range.
Highly recommend proper 1v/oct tuning!

Thomas White

PS. No resistor change either.

>From: "Dave Bradley" <daveb@...>
>Subject: [motm] Re: MOTM-300 and cheerleaders
>Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000 01:31:31 -0000
>--- In, "thomas white" <djthomaswhite@h...> wrote:
> > Hey fellas,
> >
> > I have noticed in my two VCO system that when I use the transpose
>switch on
> > my Roland M-181 keyboard or play higher up in scale thru my Kenton
>that the
> > VCO's do start to sound flat or slightly off key. Especially one
>compared to
> > the other.
>A little detective work is in order here before you blame your 300s.
>First, it's hard to please 2 masters, so to speak. Your Kenton and
>Roland may be calibrated slightly differently. If so, you will be
>able to calibrate your 300s to play in tune with one or the other,
>but not both.
>Second, the Roland may track fairly accurately when you play the
>keyboard, only to introduce errors when you use the octave switches.
>If the 2 vcos track differently than each other using the same
>source, you need to calibrate them as closely as possible.
>If they stay in tune with each other in the low mid range, but get
>further out of tune in the higher range, you may have one that needs
>the high frequency tracking resistor change that Paul mentioned. The
>problem with only 2 vcos is that it may be hard to tell which one is
>tracking correctly, and which one is not linear.
>My fave calibration technique is to beat a tracking vco against a
>nontracking drone vco. Hendry likes to feed the drone into the 120 to
>get exact suboctaves, so you can do close comparisons over many

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