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Subject: Re: [motm] Food for thought

From: The Old Crow <oldcrow@...>
Date: 2000-08-19

On Sat, 19 Aug 2000, alt-mode wrote:

> Interesting stuff. For the VC divider, I'm torn about wanting LEDs on
> the outputs. They are useful when running sync pulses but they get
> down right annoying when run at audio levels. This is based on my
> experience with the Doepfer clock divider and sequencer.

My prototype had LEDs on the outputs. Rather impractical on a 13-jack
2U panel, though.

> For the trigger delay Paul, I think you can do much better, only 1
> second? The old Moog dual trigger delay goes to 10 seconds. Yes, it
> isn't accurate but I have used it to bring in an evelope or trigger an
> event very late in a sustained sound. I would expect that a studly
> MOTM module would be able to go to 100 sec! So, put a range switch on
> that sucker and get some real trigger delays going. Of course,
> something lower than 1ms can also be used for audio range effects too!
> I think my LED comments also apply here. Finally, if you must use
> buttons to set the values, please make it so that if you are pressing
> the button for one direction, either it accelerates the
> increment/decrement speed or you can accelerate the speed by push the
> other button while holding the first. (I hope that made sense).

1) It is a 0 to 9.999s dual delay. the '1000ms' in the name at the
bottom is missing a zero.

2) The buttons use a set of routines I wrote to control various process
controllers. There are a number of increment/decrement rates based on how
long the button is depressed.

3) That "<FREQ>" on the delay panel is a typo.

And lastly, these panel images were my initial ideas. End results may
be a bit different.