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Subject: Ribbons etc.

From: jwbarlow@...
Date: 2000-08-12

WOW! A lot of mail on this topic. I understand why Paul won't involve himself
with the headache in developing this and other alternative controllers, but I
do think it would increase MOTM sales since everyone would have to buy
another round of all the basic modules to build another voice.

I kind of see where Paul gets the $800 figure since he's have to sell it
assembled. But to build one would be much cheaper I'd imagine.

I like John Blacet's idea of finding the ribbon elements from his old
supplier. I also liked the idea of approaching Dr. Moog (since he is really
the king of the ribbon). Maybe he could give some insight into how these
could be built in one small run (assuming he isn't interested in doing it
himself) since he must have made prototypes in the early days to try out
different designs. If someone on the list communicates with him, they might
mention that there is a fair amount of interest from the MOTM list in this
type of controller -- there must be other interested persons out there too.

Yet another idea might be to approach Kurzweil and ask who supplies the
ribbon element, or if the'd just sell the ribbon element (say 50 of them) to
be used in a CV setting (after confirming that the ribbons actually work like
this of course).

And yet another way to get this resistive element is to using resistive paint
(which is also not that easy to get in small quantities).

Lets keep brainstorming!
John (just a little drizzle here) Barlow