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Subject: Non standard module uses

From: Thomas Hudson <thudson@...>
Date: 2000-07-30

Driving cross country jonesing for my MOTM got me thinking
about modules I wanted for specific functions, and then realizing
that existing modules could already do those things, though
not readily apparent. I know there are lot's or tricks I don't know
about and I hope I can spark a thread about this.

The one in particular for me was a comparator combo that would
output -5 V whenever an input voltage exceeded the set threshold.
I then realized that the 700 could handle the comparison function,
but I didn't have a source of -5 V. Then I realized that I could
take an 800, patch the plus out to the gate in, trigger it once and
get it to hang in sustain mode, then take the minus output for
my -5 V. I haven't tried this yet, since I'm still unpacking and
haven't found the box containing my patch cables :-(.

I'm sure there are non-standard uses of a lot of MOTM modules
perhaps some of you share.