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Subject: Re: [motm] AH whining!

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...>
Date: 2000-07-30

> From: <jwbarlow@...>
> Well Dave, you're right, we should "all just get along."
> And as one who often denigrates AH, I recognize the
> error of my ways! However ....

As simple as that sounds, even a Curley Stooge Like JWB makes a great point.
I find the lists like this one and mostly synth-diy where members typically
show respect to each other makes for a better list all around.

> I strongly agree with Crow here, though for somewhat different
> reasons. The MOTM list was set up to deal with a very limited
> subject matter (the MOTM -- design, construction and use),
> and, with the exception of a few Stooges,

Mr. Old Crow has some very good observations. Not to mention some good
'lectronic stuff along the way. Now, if we could just get him out of the
habit of collecting all that old PAiA modular stuff <snicker>.

> does a very good
> job of that. Even when the subject drifts (or when the jokes fly)
> it quickly comes back to MOTM.

> I also think the (relatively small) size of the list helps too. When
> the list is quiet, and (for example) Ken starts posting about
> obscure electronic film scores, or Crow posts about Japanese
> animation scores, I really like to read and learn about these
> because of the "MOTM community" -- the way I feel I've
> come to know them, and respect their opinions.

Ken, the list is quiet. It must be your turn. :) And, where else could
you find this many synth-geeks in one location (well maybe s-diy)?

> about whether Donna Summer's big hit from 1977
> was a pivotal moment in EM history.

Actually, pivotal BM moment I think (that's # 2 for those that didn't "get"
it). :)

> I'd love to see a list similar to the "high S/N" of MOTM or diy about EM
> usage (patching and history for example),

Oh, I agree JWB. In fact, we have seen a little of that on this list.
Certainly that is an area where my knowledge is almost nil. I enjoy hearing
more about "classic" patching methods as much as anything. I enjoy starting
from scratch. But, I find myself migrating toward things I know and get in
a rut. Those of you guys more modular "savvy" than I (that includes just
about everyone) have a lot to share. I for one enjoy hearing it and it is
certainly ON topic.

Re: AH
> I do appreciate the references that are made to that list when

Me too. It's kind of like someone else wading through the crap for the one
or two intersting posts out of 100. Sorry to "use" anyone like that. But,
after a few months of AH, I had all I could take. That is not intended to
be anything negative toward the AH list (remember, we should all get along).
It's just that the subject matter is mostly not interesting to me. However,
it was either AH or S-DIY where I first met Paul and got started with MOTM.
So, there is something good in everything.

> While my soldering in no way compares to Crow's, I also
> believe that most posts on this list (from those that don't
> "solder") are well reasoned insights about EM topics
> related to MOTM

I enjoy the fact that some percentage of the MOTM list are not DIY type
folks. They keep those of us that inhale too many solder fumes from turning
this into another DIY list.

> -- for example, Larry had almost no
> experience with modulars before MOTM,
> but his input to the MOTM line (as well
> as his diy type modules) have been to many
> list members benefit.

Well, that is almost correct JWB. Take out the "almost" part. I am a total
newbie to modular. I contribute my meager DIY stuff when I have it as that
is about all I have of significance to contribute. I will be the first to
admit, I take more than I give here. What I have learned here and from my
MOTM experience has rekindled some very old education and interest in
thinking below the level of Kilovolts and Megawatts again. Thanks to all
that have been a part of that (especially Paul for answers to simple
electronics e-mail question # 101).

Larry (still just a stooge) Hendry