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Subject: Help me out..

From: revtor@...
Date: 2000-07-16

Okay guys here's one for you..
I've got one space left in my MOTM rack (2u) after I fill this first rack I
will probably chill for a little with buying gear. So my question is what
module do you suggest to fill the spot. I've got so far. 300, 120, 440,
410, 110, 800, 320, 900, 940. one each. I was thinking another 320 or maybe
another 300.. two more 800's maybe? I originally wanted the 100, but Ill
wait for the new version... It's obviously a pretty basic system, but for
processing and an occasional role as a monosynth it rules (as MOTM always
If anyone has any ideas why I should get anything in particular let'er rip..
Private email is probably better..