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Subject: Re: [motm] Module layout?

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...>
Date: 2000-07-11

> From: alt-mode <alt_mode@...>
> I tend to group like modules together instead of making "voices".

I like this approach too. I have my current rack that way and like it. I
may violate that somewhat by scattering some "conrol" stuff like EGs and
maybe mixers. I tend to scatter EGs where they are close to useful
locations. I know when I go from the metal rack to the wood cabinet, that
will likely change, again.

> Optimizing for patch cord length is futile and limiting.

Any way you stack it, you need a variety of lengths.

> That said, the only scheme I have seen that would alter my opinion
> here is Larry's Magic Buss (TM) but I think that tracking patch
> cables through the buss will be a bit counter-intuitive for me, kinda
> like using an ARP 2500 matrix patch system but slower (no offense, Larry).

Certainly, no offense taken. The magic buss is just an idea that works for
some and not for others. Essentially it is just multiples scattered
horizontally through your system instead of having them centralized on a
multiple panel. I started this idea because I liked the idea of mults where
ever I needed them. Whether you choose for any of the mults to be normalled
to anything is a personal choice.Essentially, it adds one row of jacks
directly below each row of MOTM modules. with the jacks directly below and
spaced like the MOTM jacks. So, you have mults between each row. For my 24
U wood cabinet (yet to be constructed), that will be 48 jacks per magic
buss. I have the busses drilled and plan to incorporate them into my final
cabinet design as soon as flat rails come on the scene. Some of the mults
will be connected across, and some will be connected between rows to allow
fewer "cross country" cables. To deal with the intuitive issue, I plan to
number or color code my jacks (numbering is getting the latest nod). Each
buss section gets a letter. Each mult gets a number. So, all A4 jacks (for
example) are connected).

Larry H