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Subject: MOTM filter-heavy track online

From: "David Bivins" <dbivins@...>
Date: 2000-04-21

Hey folks,

I have a relatively new track online called "Static Dance 2" that's "MOSTly
MOTM(TM)" The only non-MOTM element is a TB-303. But it's not techno (I can
hear the gasps)--it's more of an ambient piece. No drum machines, very
little blooping or beeping :)

Go to and scroll all the way to the end.
There it is!

Also, my computer has given up the ghost for the time being, thus rendering
my CDR useless, so I've set up a couple of DAM CDs. These are CDs burned
from mp3s by and available for sale on their site. I'd love to burn
copies of my tracks for interested parties at full resolution, but my
computer... <sniff>. I can't even get to my archived recordings! (they're
safe and sound on a hard disk... I hope).

Here's the setup for "Static Dance 2:"

MOTM-320 LFO in audio mode into MOTM-440 VCF, MOTM-420 (HP), MOTM-420 (LP),
MOTM-410, outputs panned L, R, C. Various modulators, including LFO
modulating everything in audio range, pink noise modulating HP 420, etc.
Filters tweaked in real-time on top of modulation.

This information is also in the "song story" for this track. I try to put
any patch information in the "song story" so that you know what the hell I'm

I love getting e-mail about my music--even hate mail (which I do get). So
listen around and let me know what you think (but be warned--it's mostly
techno, so if you can't stand the stuff, don't bother). There's a LOT of
MOTM stuff in there.

"[A] synthesizer can be connected to a computer. This means that the
musician can play his instrument long before a concert, because the computer
can play the instrument again at the right time... The musician can sit in
the audience and listen to the concert. He can even be hundreds of miles
away, eating dinner or taking a nap."
- Funk & Wagnalls Young Students Encyclopedia 1973