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Subject: MOTM Anniversary

From: improv@...
Date: 2000-04-09

Going over my reciepts for taxes, I noticed that my first MOTM order was a
year ago today!

BTW, anyone interested in "Classical" electro-acoustic music should give a
listen to Japanese composer Otomo Yoshihide new CD Cathode, on Tzadik.
There's a 17 minute piece, Cathode #1, which is constructed from classic
tape editing and manipulation of a set of ensemble improvisations. It's
dedicated to Takemitsu, and you can hear his influence, very nice, and the
timbre of the analog tape manipulations really adds something. Another
piece does similar operations using hard-disk editing, to very different
ends. The rest of the disc is kind of difficult listening, working with
some extremely high-pitch difference tone phenomena, cool if you like that
stuff (I do), but not exactly relaxing...

Also, while I'm being off-topic, are there any Synergy fans on the list
(Larry Fast, not the instrument). I just realized that, over the years, I'd
never really listened to any of his work, except for the early Peter
Gabriel records, which I love. Any recommendations of where to start?

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