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Subject: Re: I be oscillatin'

From: Steve <eboyz@...
Date: 1999-05-06

I always use my DMM to check resistor values when I assemble. I find it easier.


Dave Bradley wrote:

> From: Dave Bradley <daveb@...>
> Just a quick note to tell everyone I've got 2 MOTM-300 VCOs up and running.
> It would have been perfect except that I reversed a couple of resistors and
> was greeted with silence when I fired them up first.
> Excellent kit, Paul, congrats!
> The only thing I would warn other builders about is the precision
> resistors. A few are metal cans with the value printed on, but many have
> blue bodies, and the color code is totally worthless. I ended up measuring
> each one to figure out its value. A little extra care here can prevent
> hassles later.
> Well, I'm back to test some more and calibrate!
> Dave
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