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Subject: Re: [motm] Controller Module Brainstorming

From: Frank Vanaman <fvanaman@...>
Date: 2000-03-28

Hi everyone

Tkacs, Ken wrote:
> From: "Tkacs, Ken" <ken.tkacs@...>
> I agree. It's kinda silly to mount performance controllers on a vertical
> panel at arm's reach, which is probably how most people do have their
> modules.

True. I'm tempted to do a little sloped console about the same width as
my main cabinet (which can be seen at:
<>, and still having only 4 real
modules...), deep enough for the main cabinet to sit on, and then at the
front having a very mildly sloped (that is: almost horizontal) control
surface, to eventually include maybe a few joysticks, some momentary
buttons, some locking buttons (!) and maybe a short compass (like 18
notes) CV + Gate keyboard having individual tuning controls (i.e., not
specifically designed for tempered scales...), oh, and maybe a little
4017 based simple sequencer to mess with as well?!?

No wired connections to the main cabinet except power, everything else
patchable in as usual....

Maybe someday!

Also, though ribbon controllers are not apparently available per se,
isn't (wasn't) some company making those little resistor touch strips
like those used in the Blacet 'instantmod' attachment for the Casio
CZ-101 and -1000 synths? As I recall, the strip put out nothing when not
touched, then when touched provided the resistance at the point of
contact as it the Blacet kit, I think it was used to provide
an LFO signal (a little triangle wave LFO was part of the kit if I'm
remembering right) to the pitch bender wheel, thus providing a real
simple mod source. If those resistor strips were available it could make
for a fun ribbon controller.