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Subject: RE: [motm] Osc Freedom

From: Dan Higdon <hdan@...>
Date: 2000-03-16

RE: [motm] Osc Freedom

As a single controller, having a module with one in, four
outs, and four offset controls (plus maybe a couple of
attenuating modulation inputs) to control a single "voice"
is a great idea.  The outputs could be used for more than
just VCOs - VCFs would be useful as well, for voices where
a filter tracks the VCO pitch.  This would be a very useful
and ∗extremely∗ simple module (could be done with a quad opamp
and some passive components).  Of course, you would want to
use very good resistors, etc.

Paul was (I think) hinting that a sequencer is a more flexible
version of this, since each stage can store a different
"preset".  I totally agree with this, and I hope that any
MoAS or DoMoAS has a built-in offset mix input to add to the
stored value.  The most flexible scheme would probably be to
have as many offsets as outputs, and normal them all to a
"master" offset input (possibly the first input).  If for
no other reason than that you could use two sequencers
hooked together, with the RESET output of A driving the
clock of B, and the output of B mixing with A to allow
standard "blues progression"-style formulaic patterns.

I do wish Paul would consider releasing a purely analog
sequencer, similar to Thomas Henry's SuperSeq.  Something
about having a digital controller in my analog modular just
bothers me.  I know the digital solution will be less
expensive in the long run.  But frankly, when has price
ever entered into the equation for MOTM stuff?  The old days
of expecting most modules to cost around $100 are long gone.

Anybody else want something like this as a MOTM kit?

Dan Higdon (hdan@...)

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From: thomas white [mailto:djthomaswhite@...]
Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2000 11:30 AM
Subject: [motm] Osc Freedom

From: "thomas white" <djthomaswhite@...>


I think John was looking for something more like a module you put the
initial cv into and then plug it into your VCO's if you want octave control
as an option. Sort of like a lag processor I guess. As a guy looking for
mean lead solo's, I have to side with John looking for more options for our
modulars instead of limiting them. IMHO I think this would be a useful
addition to the joystick module if it ever takes shape. This module or
option would be incredibly useful for me onstage instead of trying to change
the ocatve pitch manually in front of the crowd. My controller for now is
only an SH-101 so my key range is very limited. Thanks for listening to MHO!

Thomas White