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Subject: NeoAnalog Fun

From: "David Bivins" <dbivins@...>
Date: 2000-02-16

Hey gang,

First, I'm really impressed with this cool little thing I did. I had a snare
fill going into a VCA which was voltage controlled by an ADSR contour
generator. The EG was triggered in a specific, not-on-the-beat pattern (by a
606). I used the XBase09 in pattern mode, so the snare sound varies within
the pattern. Anyway, it sounded really little and tight, similar in feel to
a DR-55. But here's the fun part--whenever I wanted a fill, I would just
turn the gain on the VCA up by hand.

I know it doesn't sound like much, but you'd be surprised how little it
takes to amuse me. For reference, I was using the aforementioned XBase09
with MOTM modular gear. You can hear the track, called "discarded," at

And hey, how about a plug for my tracks? Please go to and listen to all of my tracks I have up
there. I worked very hard on them just for ∗you∗ and you alone. No really!
Don't believe me? Oh, c'mon, baby, I've changed! I'm not like that
anymore... o.k. I'll stop. Anyway, these tracks are CHOCK full of cool
analog gear that all the retro-groove-approved kids are using. MOTM modular
toolbox, FR777 sickness generator, XBase09 kick and snare machine, Furman
spring reverb, some of that Roland X0X stuff no poseur should be without...
You'll feel like a superstar just listening! No, really!

O.k., you don't have the patience to really listen to all my stuff. Just
listen to the first three. That's all I ask.

And hey, while you're there, having blissfully listened to ALL my tracks,
check out the radio station I set up - it also has lots of neat tracks, most
of which are much better than mine! That's right--you can hear BETTER MUSIC

I'm interested in swapping ideas with others who are using their modulars
primarily as audio manipulation toolboxes. I don't have any oscillators in
my modular yet, and I'm not missing them a lot so far (not that I wouldn't
say no, I just am getting a lot of use out of the system without them). I
find myself stumbling across some pretty basic things like what I described
at the top of this post, so if anyone wants to geek out about this stuff
drop me a line.

And let me just say once again that list member AKA Eulb at kicks a lot of our butts with his original vision of
electronic music.

If you read this far, get back to work.