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Subject: RE: RE: VC EG (breadboard) -- new idea

From: "Dave Bradley" <daveb@...>
Date: 2000-02-15

> JWBarlow@... pontificates for awhile then sez:

> BREADBOARD -- As the subject line says, I hope to breadboard this
> module on
> the MOTM protoboard within the next month or so. I'll report back
> to the list
> if it is warranted. If anyone would like to experiment along with
> me (Dave V.
> Hendry, Bradley?) in this venture please contact me. Since Paul
> has the 3310s
> available, we could do this rather easily. I will look at JH's VC ADSR
> (thanks Tony), but I don't want to relive my recent ADSR set back.

I'm interested, but right now I'm concentrating all my DIY energy on
SuperMoe, my step sequencer project. As of this weekend, it's alive! Well,
it WAS alive until I tried to insert some bypass caps while the circuit was
running, and I shorted out the 5V regulator in my power supply, which
promptly blew chunks.

When I get around to playing with EGs, I will definitely build up JH's
circuit. It is already set up for complete voltage control of everything,
with no user controls. You just need to hang a summing node with the initial
rate and attenuators on each input, then you're in business.

Unfortunately for you, JW, the led is on the gate, not the output. This
could be the first test of the BAR/BRA switch (ROFLMAO!)