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Subject: Re: VC EG (breadboard) -- new idea

From: DAVEVOSH@...
Date: 2000-02-13

In a message dated 00-02-13 00:48:32 EST, you write:

<< I'd be more interested in your opinion of my general
module proposal. Maybe instead I could offer to drill a panel for you, and
you could build a similar module >>

first, your ideas re: vc eg - they seemed very well considered. the single
input vc to all parameters ( or just adr as desired) has merit. from my s∗∗∗∗
days, i used this feature on their adsr eg regularily. in fact, in a less
deluxe diy version, you might even want to forego the individual stage inputs
and just have the one "all" input. saves the minimal cost of 4 jacks but also
saves a fair amount of panel space, especially if you opted for cv
attenuators, too. that way you`d need : 5 jacks ( gate, trigger(?),vc all,
+out,-out ) ; 5 pots (a,d,s,r,cv atten. ) ; eg ic; maybe 2 op amp ic`s like
tlo84;an led; a few resistors and caps. i haven`t built anything in years but
could probably manage this based on its simplicity on a perf board. i`m way
out of date so i don`t know what pots, etc. are running these days. i`ll stop
by radio shack just to get a feel for prices.
secondly, as i`m even more mechanically inept than i am electronically inept,
i`d be most interested in a drilled front panel. please let me know......