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Subject: RE: MIDI->CV; KBD->CV

From: "Tkacs, Ken" <Ken.Tkacs@...>
Date: 2000-02-10

Schematics for most of the Roland 100m Series are available on the web.
Can't remember where I got them though. I have them as a Zip file, but it's
a ridiculous 11 Megabytes.

This is because most people still do not understand the vast differences
between LZW compression (ala GIF files) and JPEG, so whoever scanned them
used Jpeg and I never bothered to convert them. As a general rule, folks,
use ∗GIF∗ for schematics, graphics, and all line drawings!!!!!! Jpeg is only
∗useful∗ for photographs! If these schematics were in GIF format they would
fit easily on a floppy and be much clearer than they are!

(Off soap box.)

If you want me to send them, email me off-list. You should know that many
mail servers don't allow attachments bigger than 2 Meg, though. I'm not
limited on my end (joys of being the admin).

Like I say, they're Jpeg'd so there are a lot of compression artifacts.

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Subject:RE: [motm] MIDI->CV; KBD->CV

Anyone able to point to a URL or oblige with a (photo)copy?
Expenses paid of course.