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Subject: Re: Multiples

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...>
Date: 2000-01-24

> From: JWBarlow@...
> Well, I was going to make this same offer since
> I do have a drill press -- I think Larry may be drilling
> his free hand (you've gotta admire that)!

Well, you won't hurt my feelings if you take this job. I don't really have
a drill press. I have one of those things Sears sells that holds a drill.
It is not NEAR as good as a drill press. But, it is somewhat better than
complete freehand. However, my offer still stands.

> It had occurred to me that two popular hole layouts
> for the 1U (MOTM) "blank" panel would be the same
> as the MOTM 940 Patch Panel (for multiples and adapters)
> and the MOTM 800 EG (for most other modules). It might
> be nice if some time in the future Paul would offer these
> (unlegended) prepunched panels as alternatives to blanks.
> Like many others, when I order a 940, I will not be using
> the grounded bananas, but will probably make that column
> two sets of multiples.

I agree Stooge Curly. I mentioned to Paul once that he should get a few
extra next time he does 800 panels and hold them back from silkscreen. I
am passing on the 940 as I don't plan to ever need 1/8" or bananas. But,
then every time I think about DIY jobs, each one seems different. So,
maybe he could hold back some 800s before silkscreen ONLY for those who
said "I'll take one."

BTW, I would take one.

Larry H