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Subject: an xmas thought..?

From: "Paul & Alleyne" <vulture.squadron@...
Date: 1999-12-25

hello all
a thought occured to me this morning - now am i stupid, or can you use an EG
& VCA in conjunction with an envelope follower and come up with a Compressor
put it this way i've been messing around with a drum loop putting it thru a
Korg MS-03 pitch to voltage convertor, and experimenting with the gate
outputs to the EG or the evnvelope outputs direct to the VCA - so far (and i
can't really be bothered today - as there's some serious eating to be done)
i've managed to emulate some of my favourite Eventide Omnipressor settings,
but not really been able to look at levels and ratios (which is yer bias
setting on the vca..?)

which brings me onto - if this compression milarky is possible (in a serious
context, as opposed to wacky omnipressor messing around with dynamics), then
the MOTM envelope follower might do well to have features that would help in
this. at the moment i can only think of a course & fine level control, and a
direct out for the original signal

ideas..? comments..? witty put downs..?

paul b (now in need of more VCAs - bugger)