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Subject: Re: Soldering

From: The Old Crow <oldcrow@...
Date: 1999-12-17

> d) Do not use the lead clipper as a lawnmower
> I have seen more than one instance where the leads have been trimmed almost
> flush with the pcb.
> THIS IS NOT GOOD, What you want is to NOT CUT INTO THE SOLDER, just trim the
> lead.

This used to be a MAJOR problem at my old workplace. It took me a long
time to get this one board assembly person to not clip the connection off
flush with the board. (It was ∗bad∗. This person would often shear
through the traces and/or cleave the pads away from the board with the
edges of the cutters).

Another problem I had to constantly fight over was the solderers'
tendency to place all the components of a type (resistors, for example)
into the holes, cinch the leads at almost 90deg, solder, then ∗cut the
lead off with the cutters vertical wrt to the board∗. I would frequently
find the trace coming from a pad cut through as they clipped the wire with
the tips of the cutters touching the board. Eventually, I cured them of
this too.