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Subject: ribbon control & construction ?

From: hodad1@...
Date: 1999-12-03

There's some info on building a ribbon controller in the Analogue heaven
I cant remember the details--it's been a year or two.
My 1/50th of a dollar: the strip that goes over the heat element on a bag
sealer feels very
much like the top strip on the Micromoog's ribbon controller--might be a
good substitute in a diy project.

Just wondering: has anyone ever built pressure sensitive controllers?
Seems like it would be easy if someone would tell me exactly how to do it...
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From: JWBarlow@... <JWBarlow@...>
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Date: Thursday, December 02, 1999 11:38 PM
Subject: Re: [motm] Tannerin = ribbon control & construction ?

>From: JWBarlow@...
>There are several on this list that are interested in alternate
>and there has been much about ribbon controllers in the past here
>specifically. In the mid eighties Serge Tcherepnin gave me rather specific
>instructions on how to build one (he apparently had designed one for the
>Synclavier). Like all other ribbon designs I've heard about, the problem
>arises with the resistive element. Serge suggested using conductive paint
>mixing it proportionally with nonconductive paint. But as he had mentioned,
>the paint would be hard to find in the small quantities that I would need.
>Gene (ASM1) Stopp has a circuit description which uses a strip of a black
>plastic trash bag (which has a good amount of resistance across a couple of
>feet -- like maybe a couple K). Also, Dave Bradley described in detail the
>his non-working Moog ribbon with, what sounds like a large exposed wire
>resistor as the resistive element. I know I've seen large wire wound
>resistors (like 18" or so) closer to Hendry's area than Paul's area of
>electronics, and if they come say 30" these might be the perfect thing --
>there has to be something more durable than a strip of trash bag, and
>than several gallons of conductive paint.
>In a message dated 12/1/99 11:31:58 PM, williamneumann@... writes:
>>Just wondering about the Tannerin and the
>>ribbon control device - What exactly is
>>the construction ? I have seen things as
>>simple as a pecil streak on a strip of
>>whatever with a probe all the way up to
>>a fancier Moog type where the conductor and
>>connection are all inside the ribbon unit.
>>I think there may even be a special oil
>>type that when You press on it the oil seperates
>>(viscosity break point) and makes a floating
>>connection along a couple of conductive strips of
>>metal. The moog one since it went into mass
>>production is I suppose a good one but I need to
>>know what it was made out of. Any ideas ?
>>Thank You ahead of time- Bill.