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Subject: Re: Electrolytic Cap Placement & Solder

From: Christopher Jeris <cjeris@...
Date: 1999-11-21

> There are spray cans of non-CFC rosin flux remover, but my
> experience is that this makes a huge
> mess because all you do is dissolve the flux and coat the whole pcb with it!

Laugh at me, but I did this -- a PAiA midi2cv8 was the first kit I built
after my first few MOTM modules, and it didn't come with solder. I made
the mistake of buying rosin core (not yet understanding the differences
between solder types) and then had to get it all off. First I tried to
use isopropanol moistened cotton balls. Great, now I have bits of
rosin-sticky cotton fluff all over my pcb! Finally I had to fill a pie
pan with the alcohol, dunk the board and scrub it with the trusty "Flux
Remover" toenail brush. 20 minutes each side, refilling when too much
alcohol evaporated ... and the board is _still_ sticky in places. Sigh.
That's how I learned not to use rosin core on pcbs.

(Speaking of toenail implements, has anyone else tried a big sturdy
toenail clipper for snipping leads? I may be crazy but I think it works
_much_ better than diagonal cutters.)

Chris Jeris