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Subject: odds & ends

From: "Paul R Bower" <vulture.squadron@...
Date: 1999-11-11

hello all

while tarting around on the web i discovered an interesting text on
Electronic Music Interfaces by Joseph Paradiso - his page is at
he also claims to own the world's largest modular (and has the photos to
prove it)

meanwhile - a week or so ago i might have been heard cursing that D∗∗∗∗ midi
/ trigger interface - well it turns out it was a dry joint on the socket (so
that's okay then..?) and i got a replacement - well the same one but "fixed"
(so that's also okay then)
unfortunately, the dip switches are still a bgger to use, and so i'm going
so ceremonially rip its guts out (aztec fashion) and mount it with proper
switches in my MOTM - on a blood red panel...

and finally - may i share a wonderous discovery i made last night - you all
probably know it already - the sheer joy of having every control input of a
#410 plumbed into a clock divider (one that you built yourself - and a
wonder in itself that it even works) and having the thing running hell for
leather in perfect sync with one, nay a small collection of your favourite
loops - ah the ecstasy of it all...

erm - had to share that one