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Subject: RE: String module...

From: The Old Crow <oldcrow@...
Date: 1999-11-01

On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Tkacs, Ken wrote:

> I shouldn't admit this, but I had a similar thought about two weeks ago...
> wondering if the pulse-division methodology in the PAIA "Stringz & Thingz"
> could be adapted to a "pulse in/lots of pulses out" string module.

I was going to flip through the old String'N'Thingz' manual to see what
elements could prove useful in a module.

> After that, I started studying the string section schematic from the Korg
> Trident, but I can't exactly figure out what's happening there. I bought the
> manual in anticipation of buying a Trident aeons ago, but never got the
> machine, which makes it tough to follow the service manual.

Send me copies/scans of the string section!

> Along similar lines, I started building Craig Anderton's "Pulse Width
> Multiplier" circuit from an old issue of Polyphony. I got it 75% done when I
> started ordering & building MOTM stuff two months ago, so it's gathering
> dust right now. That's a "triangle or saw in/lots of juicy modulated pulses
> out" circuit.

Hm, another one I'll want to see, for reference.

I hope to do everything inside one or two uC chips...

...whereupon I should note, while the uC is a digital device, it will be
essentially generating string pulse waveforms the same way as the
divider/multiplier chains of years gone by did. It is just that today it
can be done inside a 50 MIPS 18-pin part instead of 30 CMOS gates and