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Subject: RE: Custom Chips

From: "Tkacs, Ken" <Ken.Tkacs@...
Date: 1999-11-01

Man, that's very sad. You're probably correct, but that bums me out big

I already have friends who are musicians, engineers, etc., and can't
understand why in the world I would want a big analog modular synthesizer.
"Do it digitally!" they all say, some not even aware of products like the
Nord Modular. "You just...don't...GET it," reply. Soon, my 'hands on'
arguments will only apply to the front panels.

So Paul, are you saving up for that big surface-mount automatic insertion
machine and wave solderer? :-)

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From:Paul Schreiber [mailto:synth1@...]

In MOTM, I try as hard as possible to use "off the shelf"
parts, but in
there are no guarantees anymore! DIP packages are S L O W L
Y going away.
DIY will die in 10 years as they all dry up.

Paul S.