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Subject: Demographics

From: Dave Fulton <dfulton@...
Date: 1999-10-30

Name: Dave Fulton (One of the Daves!)

Location: Portland OR.

Age: 37

Occupation: Broadcast Engineer. ( You break it I fix it!) Keeper of the
Unix systems, disk based editing equipment.

Modules: look at

Other Instruments: Doepfer Modular (4 complete 6RU systems) & MAQ16/3.
Some Serge stuff, Home brew utilities. Waldorf MW2 & MW2xt and a Q.
Nordlead 1 & Nord Modular. Access Virus. Akai S5000. Stuff I have loaned
out but forgotten about!

Stuff to work on: VCS3, (Boy is it in bad shape!) Prophet 5 (Bad PS of
course!) Sixtrak (Why Bother!)

Music that I listen to: Mostly Prog. Classic and new Genesis, VDGG, Floyd,
Gentle Giant,
Yes, KC (and many more!) I like alot of the new bands that came out of the
80's like Japan & it's decedents (David Sylvan, Steve Janson solo
projects) Neo prog of Marillion, IQ etc.. 90's bands like , Porcupine
Tree, Parallel of 90, Ozric's etc. Tasteful Pop. (No... don't get the
wrong idea.. What I mean is stuff like Tears for Fears, Wang Chung,NIN,
Beatles , just well done music.) Lot's of Electronic with the usual
suspects TD, Klause, Redshift, Ian Boddy, Ron Boots, Free System Project,
Synthetic Block and many many more.

What I do: I have played live doing my own flavor of Berlin School
electronic and put out 2 CD's as a member of Dweller at the Threshold.
Next month (nov 23rd?) my first solo album. (shameless plug... check out for CD's of both projects!) Also the last hypnos
compilation ( and others. My stuff tends to be more
ambient with some sequencer work while Dweller tends to be more sequencer
based and some ambience!