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Subject: Re: the ^@&@!! spec

From: Christopher Jeris <cjeris@...
Date: 1999-10-11

> The ∗OFFICIAL∗ spec is EIA-310, Revision D. On page 4,
> the center-to-center spec is..........drum roll.................
> 465.1mm or 18.312 inches, +/- 0.016 inches

I was going to ask, "Who thinks this stuff up anyway ??" But, my grandpa
was a tool-and-die guy at Chrysler for 30 years, and he still swears blue
fire every time the metric system is mentioned ... it's one of the banned
topics at family gatherings (along with gun control and the Latin service
in the Catholic Church) ... his principal argument against it is that unit
symbols are case sensitive ...

So, I guess I know. :)

(I emailed Doepfer a while ago to ask them how wide was a Eurorack
horizontal unit, and they said 5.08mm = 0.2". Was the European standard
really designed around inches and feet too ??)

ObMOTM: The mixer sounds absolutely wonderful. How about that quad
switchable lin/log VCA you were talking about to go next to it ??
∗bats eyelashes adorably∗

Chris Jeris