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Subject: Re: MOTM State of the Union

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...
Date: 1999-03-07

John wrote:
> I also thought that this 6X1/ 3X2 mixer could be implemented probably
> a toggle switch but rather a switching phone jack on the 2nd output (it
> like I have some of these with 8-10 solder lugs and two mechanically
> switches).

I like the sound of the 6x1 mixer being 3 x 2 capable. However, I would
rather have the certainty of a switch as opposed to a switching phone jack.
I cannot imagine even the expensive switchcraft being as reliable over the
long run as a switch.

> I really like the sound of Larry's front panel PSU with its eerie glow.
> thought about putting voltmeters in my PSU panels (because I want my
> to have that "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" control room look) but
> against it since it is better to not know the voltage unless you are
going to
> adjust it. I may put in an ammeter so I can see how many more modules I
> add until I have to get a new PSU.

Well, I have to admit that the panel is designed to look cool and MONITOR
the voltage output as opposed to measure it. Good measurement would have
required digital and that would not have looked quite so cool. Thanks to
Paul for the suggestion to use neon when I told him I planned to backlight.
It is a little more orange than I wanted (I was shooting for more of a
yellowish tube color glow). But, it does look good.

> So pictures of Larry's and Steve's (MOTM mountain!) should be on the MOTM
> page. Mine looks pretty pathetic in its home made, unfinished plywood

Well, mine is currently in a plain matal rack. I have taken pictures of
the PSU control panel just to share with others. I have no scanner though,
so I will have to ask another list member to volunteer the scanning service
after I get it developed.

> At this point it seems that MOTM is going to be BETTER than MOOG and ARP
> (especially my ARP) so that shouldn't be a problem! I'll definitely do
> "testimonials" for MOTM,

Ditto that. My testimonial is forthcoming.

Larry Hendry