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Subject: Re: Music to MOTM by

From: Seth Redmore <sredmore@...
Date: 1999-09-15

Paul Schreiber wrote:

> From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...>
> Looking to expand my CD collection in 2 areas:
> 1) Need some more (sigh) techno/dance/less-than-26-years-old music. I have
> some Orbital, Chemical Bros, M.B.F. but those are so like "yesterday"!
> Suggestions?

Ignore the crap on the radio. Judging by your descriptions, you'll love the

(This is my favorite genre...)Must haves:

Artist Title
The Orb Adventures beyond the Ultraworld
Global Communication 76:14
Various Artists (Instinct Label) Chill Out, Phase I and Phase II
Various artists (Moonshine Label) United States of Ambience, II
Almost anything on the Platipus or Eve labels
Various Artists Tranceylvania (not sure of label)
Massive Attack Mezzanine
Massive Attack Protection

Try those. The first is dubbish, GC/Chillout, and USA are ambient (not
NUuuuAgggeeeee), Platipus/Eve/And tranceylvania are trance (beat/dance -- good
for reclocking your brain), and the last two are trip-hop.


> 2) Need music to MOTM by (ie as I design/debug). Here are my currents faves:
> a) R. Wakeman: 6 Wives of Henry the Eighth (uplifting & depressing, since RW
> was 19yrs old when he did this!)
> b) Enya- Shepard Moons
> c) any and all Pat Metheny (new CD w/Jim Hall is wonderful)
> d) Modern Jazz Quartet - Last Concert (defines "tight playing" forever. Not
> possible to play together any better.)
> e) Any Robert Rich
> f) any Steve Roach
> As you may tell, like softer, "ambient" sort of stuff, but not "Starbuck
> Coffee" junk (Indian flutes, rainforest, whales)
> Paul S.
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