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Subject: Re: MOTM State of the Union

From: "Dave Bradley" <daveb@...
Date: 1999-03-04

A couple of module feature questions below...

> The MS-20 filter. This will be ready in early April. Switchable HP/LP, 2U
> panel. Distorts, rings, and clips like the original.

Is this a 1V/oct design or volts/hz like the original?

> The PS3100 triple BP filter: mid-April. Need to buy some Vactrols and test
> them (a Vactrol is a resistor whose resistance
> varies by current through a LED shining on a photocell. Used alot in
> compressors). The actual design is being done
> by a MOTM "associate" in Europe.

Haible Jurgen?

> The VC LFO: this is a 1U wide, simple LFO. Now, before everyone starts
> bitching about sync, NO it doesn't have it. Why?
> Because I think the Kenton Pro 2000 does a much better job with it's 2
> sync'able LFOs. The VCO has sync, so you can
> be covered that way. So, to make up for lack of sync, it DOES have 6
> different waveforms including VC waveshape and
> a "free" built-in S&H circuit. So there!

VC frequency, also? What is the approximate frequency range?

Dave Bradley
Principal Software Engineer
Engineering Animation, Inc.