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Subject: Re: MOTM-310u> Post thought

From: Roy Tate <roytate@...
Date: 1999-09-04

william Hanson wrote:
> I guess You would have to give up the
> PWM pot cause of the 1U space to get the
> Sine out jack hugh? oh well..........
> it was a thought.

I was pondering this also. I was cooking up the idea of offering
4 outputs - pulse, saw, tri and sine. Then just let the builder
pick which outputs to send to the front panel.

The biggest problem with this is Front Panel labeling - the pulse
<might> be constant, but the other output would probably be
labeled SAW (when it is really tri or sine).

Then we could have a square/tri arrangement for simple VC-LFO
usage, or square/sine and use the sine for traditional additive
synthesis. Of course this would have us begging for the Quad-VCA
and for the gate-only Envelope Generators.


Roy Tate