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Subject: Drums Samples

From: "beatsamples" <mpc@...>
Date: 2004-05-14


Do you need samples for your music projects? There's a new site
where you can download Drum and Instrument samples . Check it out


∗∗ Kronstudios is looking for artist for the following compilations.

We are looking for artist for the following compilations. Contact
info@... if you would like to be featured.

1) "High Voltage Mix Vol1" featuring the best international Drum and
Bass,Electronic and Dance music.

2) "The Word on the Street Compilation" Hip-Hop compilation.

Kronstudios is currently accepting submissions for their 2004
compilation albums. These music CDs will be sent to distribution
companies, Record stores, radio stations, marketing companies and
various marketing organizations. We are asking that you submit one
song. No song can be longer than 4 minutes and 20 seconds. All
Artists will retain all rights to their submissions. Each artist
will have their album cover featured on this Compilation. You will
also be able to submit your links credits and thank yous on the
inside cover. Radio edits only please. Kronstudios will ship 50
copies of this album to each artists featured on this CD. Each
submission is subject to approval and submission fees won't be
applied unless your submission is approved. If you would like more
information about submitting your music to this compilation please
contact info@... . You may also point me to a site were
your song is hosted for submission approvals.