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Subject: Re: [korgpolyex] New CPU - idea [1 Attachment]

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Date: 2014-10-09

EX800 considered?

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Enviado: jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014 09:22
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Asunto: [korgpolyex] New CPU - idea [1 Attachment]


Hello Poly fans,

See the attached PDF. This would be a replacement for the 80C85 CPU in the Poly-800. It will use a STM32F373 chip, an M4 with up to 256k flash. It runs at 72MHz

Before I embark on the complete rewrite of the HAWK software from original 80C85 assembler into C I thought I would get feedback from everyone about going in this direction.

The problem here is that all development work on the existing software for the existing HAWK kit would stop. Anyone that has an existing HAWK would be stuck with what they have today. The Atomahawk would also have to be redesigned a bit.

The effort required to rewrite the software is quite large. If I had some help from some committed Poly fans that also have programming experience that would help a great deal.

I am too busy trying to survive in the world these days that I must seek help before we could make this project happen. But, with a 32 bit 72Mhz CPU instead of 8 bit 6Mhz there will be some amazing possibilities available to us.

Any thoughts from you all will be interesting to read.