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Subject: Re: [korgpolyex] RE: Wake up!

From: <bperkins211@...>
Date: 2014-02-24

the forum has been so quiet the past few months, I wasnt sure if the kits were still being sold still.

I posted some vids with custom MIDI controllers and music I did on SoundCloud awhile back, but not many replies/interest.,, seemed to me there was little interest in the HAWK anymore.

i still need to clean up and finish the  GUI controller..  it can work in a VST host too as a plugin.

I gave up on an analog approach to a data dial.. I will try a small PIC next.

I am beginning to brew up a small set of controls to put on top of the HAWK. 
The plan is to have 6 pots for the  EG's. just use a switch to change from EG1, EG2, EG3.
Then another 8 pots for use on common tweaked controls like LFO1 Depth/Rate, VCF cutoff, xmod LFO3>LFO1, LFO 3 speed, PWM, DCO1/2 harmonics mod, etc.. 
The 8 pots would switch from one set to another.. so each pot can do two different controls (after switched over).
Then about 10 switches to push or toggle for changing LFO waveforms, Invert EG3 and other things..
It's hard to cover all the parameters.. so I just shoot for the ones most likey to be tweaked  LIVE on stage... The idea is when not gigging, simply use a GUI to program new sounds.. save, then go gig.

I dont plan on letting go of my HAWK anytime soon ;)