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Subject: RE: [korgpolyex] RE: ROM upgrade for original (1st-generation) Poly-800?

From: "backshall1" <backshall1@...>
Date: 2013-09-12

The Hawk kit gives you all the sysexfunctions plus a lot more and will greatly expand the functionality of yourPoly-800. On the other hand, if you need to reload patches when there is nocomputer around, just put the .wav file on an iPod or other small audio player.You can also convert it to mp3 or any other format your little device supports.There is no reason to use a cassette tape.

Don B.


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Sent: Thursday, September 12, 20137:14 AM
Subject: [korgpolyex] RE: ROMupgrade for original (1st-generation) Poly-800?



Sure youcan store your patches to any other gear that can record audio signal.

E.g. yourPC.

That'sthe easiest and inexpensive way.

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There was also the "MDK" upgrade for the Poly-800.


I looked at itonce and it is one of the worst upgrades I've ever seen. Many cut tracks on themain board and all sorts of wires and a crappy little board with a bunch ofinsane logic chips and a larger EPROM.


Both the EX-800ROM piggy back mod and the Korg MDK upgrade kits don't give you anything morethan the EX-800 sysex dump/receive feature.


As bimmerfansays, the HAWK mod is probably the way to go. And since I produce the HAWK andAtomaHawk kits, you get current tech support for those kits.




From: bimmerfan222<bperkins211@...>
Sent: Monday, May 27, 2013 2:13 PM
Subject: [korgpolyex] Re: ROMupgrade for original (1st-generation) Poly-800?



Hey Greg,

I think the ROM mod you are asking about is an image of the EX800 ROM that youpiggy back into the Poly800.

You switch/boot up one or the other(two different ROM chips inside your Poly)..original Poly ROM has support for the keyboard/joystick, the EX800 image doesnot have support for the keyboard(it used up that memory for the sysexsupport).

So I think the trick was to use the EX800 image to load patches in.. shut itoff, reboot with the Poly ROM and play the patches.

Not much of an improvement.. and all that work for such little return??

The invasive work needed is similar to what you'd do with the HAWK kit.. I'djust do the HAWK mod and be better off in the end.
A much better machine with sysex dumps, CC# controling, NRPN control for everysingle parameter and more.

Honestly, forget that EX800 ROM. .that's what was done before the HAWK. It's an obsolete mod IMHO.

- Blaine

---In,"Gregory" <GregCoben@...> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I just joined the group, lots of interesting and valuable stuff
> here.  I am an original owner of the first generation Poly-800 that I
> bought back in 1984.  This is the one that does NOT have the
> System Exclusive function.  But I still use it along with my other
> vintage synth equipment in my 80's cover band.  Anyway, after getting
> the dreaded "H5" display and suffering with an old cassette
player that
> no longer rewinds (although my old Bic pen still works for that), I did
> some searching online and discovered that apparently there was a ROM
> Upgrade that came out that allowed the original Poly-800 to send and
> receive SysEx signals.  I think this was before the Poly-800 mkII was
> released.  I looked through the files and messages here in the group,
> but I didn't find anything specifally about this upgrade.  Does
> anybody have any information on it?  Thanks!
> Greg C.