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Subject: HAWK-800 patch librarian

From: "korgpolyex800" <korgpolyex800@...>
Date: 2009-09-20

Hi Poly fans,

for those of you that have a HAWK-800 upgraded Poly, I have a patch librarian that you might be interested in. It's in development stages but it is capable of saving and loading patches in libraries.

The software is based on a java developed open source product called JSynthLib. Since the software is still in development I have posted the files here on this group so that you can have a look at the software and give me any feedback about the librarian as I develop it.

At this point, I also am looking for any Java developers on this list that might want to give me a helping hand to finish the patch editing part of the software.

The one file that is needed is JSynthLib.jar. I have saved it in the files section: 4) Modifications > HAWK-800 upgrade kit > HAWK-800 patch librarian. There is also a text file that gives instructions on how to get JSynthLib up and running on your computer.