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Subject: Arpeggiator for HAWK-800

From: "patrioticduo" <patrioticduo@...>
Date: 2009-04-27

Hi Poly fans,

I am in the process of writing the code for an arpeggiator for the Poly.

I have a couple of questions since I've not used an arp for some time and also, I want to make the ARP unique in its functions compared to other ARP's.

What does everybody think about the following ARP features?

In ARP mode, the display will show "A" (replacing the "P") and only Poly mode is supported when in ARP mode. You select ARP mode by holding down the "Poly" button and then pressing the Seq. Start button. This makes it very easy to get into ARP mode for performances. To exit ARP mode, simply press the sequencer start/stop button again.

In ARP mode, any MIDI received notes or played notes will be inserted into the arpeggiator buffer. The notes will not be immediately played but instead, will be inserted into the arpeggiator such that the notes
will be played out in sequence according to the arpeggiator clock rate (based upon either on board sequencer rate or MIDI clock rate). So if you were to hit four notes at once then each one would be played out on subsequent note ticks. The notes would be played out in order according to the sweep mode.

The arpeggiator user settings will be stored in global mode parameters and will include the following:

ARP_SWEEP - 1=Up, 2=Down, 3=Up/Down, 4=Down/Up, 5=FIFO, 6=random.
Up - plays the notes in an upward sweep.
Down - plays the notes in a downward sweep.
Up/Down - plays the notes in an initial upward sweep followed by a downward sweep and thereupon repeats.
Down/Up - plays the notes in an initial downward sweep followed by an upward sweep and thereupon repeats.
FIFO - plays the notes in the order in which they were originally played.
Random - plays the notes in random order.

ARP_RANGE - 0=none, 1=1 octave, 2=2 octaves, 3=3 octaves.
0 - plays only the notes that are played.
1 - plays the played notes and the same notes one octave higher.
2 - plays the played notes and the same notes one octave higher and one octave lower.
3 - plays the played notes along with one and two octaves higher and lower.

ARP_DELAY - 1-64 = number of arp ticks to delay note off
ARP_FORSTEP - 0=off, 1 thru 128. On each arp tick skip forward this number of arp notes.
ARP_BACKSTEP - 0=off, 1 thru 128. On each arp tick move backward this number of arp notes
ARP_REST - 0=off, 1 thru 128. The number of arp notes to play before a rest is played instead of the arp note.
ARP_SINGLE - 1=play the arpeggiator when 1 or more notes are played, 2=play when 2 or more notes are played.

Now, you can see that I am trying to make the ARP behave in a way that allows for some funky stepping forward and backward as well as skipping on sounding notes. What does everyone think of those features?