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Subject: Battery Check - New Software Release for the HAWK-800

From: "korgpolyex800" <korgpolyex800@...>
Date: 2008-07-15

I should also mention that the new software has a backup battery
memory check feature that is checked each time you power up your Poly-800.

After you upgrade to the latest software and power up your Poly-800
your Poly will show the word "batt" on the display.

Simply press the "Write" key to have the Poly jump into its normal
running configuration.

If the backup battery is good then the "batt" message will not be
displayed again.

It will only be displayed when the memory loses its stored value. That
should be a good indication that the battery really is exhausted.


--- In, "korgpolyex800" <korgpolyex800@...>
> A new software version has been released for the HAWK-800.
> The new release includes full MIDI controllers control of all original
> and extended parameters.
> The controllers to use are 22 (for parameter bank select) and then
> controllers 23 thru 30 to change parameters within each bank.
> You can download the two required sysex files from:
> Enjoy!
> Mike.