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Subject: Question about running the LFO's via MIDI time code or onboard sequencer

From: "korgpolyex800" <korgpolyex800@...>
Date: 2008-06-27


I have almost finished making the first LFO run in sync with the
onboard sequencer. However, I've found a little quirk that I should
have worked out earlier until now. So I need to bounce some ideas off
of you if you don't mind.

The MIDI sequencer time code handler works by moving the sequencer
forward one event after 6 MIDI time codes are received (this is normal
MIDI time code behavior).

However, (and this makes sense from an engineering point) the onboard
sequencer progresses forward one event each time the onboard sequencer
clock cycles.

This means that we can intercept the MIDI time codes and trigger the
LFO to oscillate six times faster than the onboard sequencer will.

I've looked at the math of the LFO's to see if I could increase the
oscillator speed by an exact factor of six so that the onboard
sequencer could run the LFO's at the same rate as MIDI time code but
the math just isn't going to work out for us.

Does this matter to you? Will you more likely use the LFO sync'ed up
to MIDI or to the onboard sequencer? Should I focus on oscillating the
LFO's from MIDI time code or from the onboard sequencer or will you
use both?


--- In, "bys_jhn" <john.boys@...> wrote:
> nice! and maybe lfo restart/free run with note on, and perhaps an
> initial phase parameter?
> these are some rockin ideas, and youre making me glad i bought this kit.
> --- In, "korgpolyex800" <korgpolyex800@>
> wrote:
> >
> > As far as level of difficulty goes, the portamento code was really
> > difficult. I am not inclined to do much more with it until I've done
> > many other features. And yes, setting LFO1 or LFO2 in sync with MIDI
> > time code or the on board sequencer is a feature that will definitely
> > be implemented.
> >
> > Mike.
> >
> > --- In, "bys_jhn" <john.boys@> wrote:
> > >
> > > > I'll look up the meaning of legato again and get back to you.
> > >
> > > he means only actuate the portamento when midi notes overlap.
> > >
> > > hey i have a suggestion: will you make the lfo sync to tempo? and
> > > perhaps also throw in a parameter that divides the tempo? so for
> > > instance you could switch from 1/4 note sync to 1/3 note to 1/2 note
> > > with the change of a controller? this would be useful to me. otoh,
> > > maybe thats too much to ask?
> > >
> >