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Subject: Re: Progress

From: "Alexander" <arf_hotdogdeity@...>
Date: 2006-05-06

Note: that's if mine even HAS that rom...
Is there any way to tell from the way the device behaves (without
opening it?)

--- In, "Alexander" <arf_hotdogdeity@...>
> I'm glad i'm not the only person who thinks this is a good idea.
> I could do without the LCD even just for an arpeggiator (maybe tied in
> with the sequencer like the roland SH32 does?)
> I'll see if i can find a EEPROM reader/writer for cheap. I'm not too
> scared to take a soldering iron to my gear :)
> I've got a poly800MkII and i don't know how much different this is
> going to be from the ex800.
> --- In, "patrioticduo" <patrioticduo@>
> wrote:
> >
> > Well, this might take a few years but here are my plans.
> >
> > I see all these great modifications being done but wouldn't it be nice
> > if they were fully supported within the programming of the instrument
> > itself? Why drill all of those nasty holes in your Poly when you could
> > program them right from the front panel? Ok, since we're thinking
> > about that, why not replace the display and keys with a more up to
> > date method. Maybe LCD with some real descriptions on the screen? And
> > those switches aren't going to last forever.
> >
> > So at this point, I've found an 8085 disassembler. Over the next few
> > weeks I'm going to make a copy of the EX800 ROM and also a copy of the
> > Poly-800 ROM. Dad - I promise I'll be REALLY careful!
> >
> > DOES ANYBODY HAVE AN MDK ROM IN THEIR POLY-800? I would really, really
> > like a copy of it.
> >
> > And then, I am going to start disassembling the code (read: big job).
> >
> > I bought the Korg PS-800/EX-800 Rescue Kit and it is well worth the
> > money but I was bitterly disappointed to find that the MDK ROM
> > contents were not on the CD. I sort of feel a little bit misled by the
> > promo on eBay because it sort of implies that the MDK ROM was on the
> > CD but in fact, it's just the MIDI implementation document which is
> > useful ony if you have the ROM. Anyway...
> >
> > If I can disassemble the code then I am going to be in a position to
> > work out what all of the code does. I may be able to determine how
> > much ROM space is used for such features as scanning the keyboard, the
> > sequencer, the chord programming, etc. Since the entire keyboard and
> > all switches are based around an X Y matrix it is possible we would
> > save a lot of code space just by reengineering the keyboard system. We
> > could reclaim a lot of memory by removing the sequencer entirely too!
> >
> > Then, we'll be in a position to integrate digital potentiometers where
> > you currently put your mod slayer modifications etc and program those
> > as parameters direct on the Poly memory!
> >
> > And hopefully, we'll have enough space left in ROM to add some of the
> > other features I wanted such as an arpeggiator.
> >
> > I am also thinking that we may be able to just double the ROM space by
> > finding a safe place in the code where we can make a ROM bank switch.
> > If we can do that then the skies the limit.
> >
> > But before I do all this, what does everyone think about spending a
> > little money on their Poly 800? If I go this route, then I would end
> > up developing a retrofit card for the Poly and with parts and labor it
> > would end up being about $100 - $200. Who thinks they might shell out
> > that much for a Poly upgrade?
> >
> > Mostly, I am just doing this to keep the 1980's alive!
> >
> > Mike H.
> >