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Subject: Good news/bad news...

From: "Rob" <r.bowe@...>
Date: 2006-04-21

Well, the Poly-800 I saved from the dumpster is not looking too good
at the moment! The bad news is that it has no LED read-out of any
kind, no flashing, nada. The good thing is, is that as I checked the
V+ at the input I caught it dropping a few volts and suspected some
kind of life! I proceeded to connect a set of phones to it and lo and
behold, the unit gave me a real slow, but sweet pitch, amplitude
and filter sweep, in stereo several seconds after start-up! It all
swept up to a max and held. The only thing I can do to the sound is
tune it with the slider and turn it up and down with the volume pot.
Absolutely nothing else works. (I can affect the res. and cut-off with
VR's 2 & 3) So obviously the power, amp, filter and oscillator (not
necessarily in that order!)sections are working fine. Is there a
secret button combo or power-up trick that would re-initialize this
thing or is the back-up and sysex "lost"? The lack of display is a bother.
As you may remember from my previous post, I am a fairly effective
bench tech and a damn good solderer and I read schematics fine, so
even if there is something wrong at the component level, I shouldn't
have any problems doing the fix, as long as someone out there has seen
this problem before and knows the situation here. Aside from some one
familiar with this glitch, it will be a stretch. Hopefully it won't be
a big deal, so if you have an idea, I'll try to raise another Korg
back from the dead! Otherwise, I have a really huge mono-patch, single
sweep noise machine.
I am sure that's why I got this for nothing! But in the words of
Monty Python...