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Subject: modification ideas

From: "jure zitnik" <kokoon@...>
Date: 2006-03-22


i saw this message of marjan urekar: and i was
wondering if he ended up putting the schematics for the mods online.

also - have you maybe found datasheet for the MSM5232?

i have a poly800 and i'm planning on modding it - besides the obvious
moog slayer and 2/4pole filter selection i thought it would be pretty
easy adding OSC->VCF (source could be any of the 8 outputs of the OSC)
modulation. also, seeing as MSM5232 has 2 clock inputs i thought it
would be interesting to modulate the clocks with osc's outputs through
an AND gate... you think it could work?

i didn't know there was an analogue sine LFO for the chorus! i'd like
to try adding rate control to it and routing it to VCF!

also - have you found anything about the possibility of PWM?

jure zitnik