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Subject: Re: [korgpolyex] Re: poly 800 hidden parameters

From: russ <russdaren@...>
Date: 2005-04-10

I had witnessed teh same phenom on my poly 800 but I hadn't noticed any difference in sound. I also noticed that when given a normal value range of say 3, I would get 4 values. When I de-incremented the value to zero then back up again it would return to normal.  I did find out recently that the poly does transmit midi program change info. Though it makes a lousy controller, (no velocity or aftertouch) it sounds unbelievable when layered with a VST synth! I think I spent 5 minutes hitting the same note and drooling. 

Shayne Cafferata <scafferata@...> wrote:
From: "iheartvinyl@..." <iheartvinyl@...>

>Subject: Re: poly 800 hidden parameters
>i noticed that when i first turned my poly off. i never bothered to use those parameters because i would have to edit everything just to hear something. the parameters were usually so out of range that the patch would be some inaudible frequency.

if you leave the out of range parameters alone and first edit the
envelope generators and possibly the inverse waveform parameter you will
likely hear something. then if you want you can edit the hidden values.
most of the good stuff happens with the octave settings, cutoff, 
resonance, and modulation. there are some great insect and bird sounds
in there. i just wish i could program  them on my ex800.


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