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Subject: RE: [chromapolaris] Re: polaris with bad ribbon wires for sale

From: F Aitken <mfaitkenjr@...>
Date: 2009-11-15

That would be really cool!   The panel on the left side of my Polaris is dead and haven't opened it up to check out the problem (been afraid to).   I have a perfectly fine SCI Prophet 600 that I would sell before I sell my Polaris.  It just sounds so much better.

It would be almost identical to the membrane switches that are on there, but
made out of real Mylar, instead of the stuff Fender of Japan used that
deteriorates after a few years.

Can't say for certain when they'll be ready, but maybe January. I've got
finished artwork for all the layers, I've got someone to handle the
distribution (i.e., sales tax collection in Massachusetts) , so now I have to
pick a vendor. I'll also have to make sure they work on a friend's Polaris
(since mine is an old prototype). Don't have a price yet.


Ciao, Paul D. DeRocco
Paul mailto:pderocco@ix.