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Subject: Re: [chromapolaris] Re: going rate for Chroma (not polaris)

From: chris@...
Date: 2009-07-29

Quoting wasteking1 <wasteking1@...>:

> i have watched polarises on ebay for 3 years--- the last 8 good working ones
> have sold between 650 and 820 [one odd ball went for 1111 --so it said.]
> broken ones sold from 230 to 463

My list includes Polaris sale prices (I didn't start tracking carefully until
this year):

> so 750 is unfortunatly not unusual--- they arent 300 anymore.

I believe the original poster was asking about the original Chroma, not the
Polaris. USD$750 is a great price for a Chroma (not Polaris), if the instrument
is working.