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Subject: Re: Battery replacement fears...

From: "Phidippus Audax" <mao@...>
Date: 2008-09-09

Thanks... My Chroma Polaris has been is storage for almost a year as
I've moved and am building a studio. It is in practically mint
condition and I've used it for tons of Planetarium soundtrack madness
and other fun, but I am afraid, like all CP owners, of that dreadful
day when it bites the dust. I haven't got around to sampling all my
favorite patches so I hope to be able to backup some analogue memories
when I do get her plugged in again this Fall. Are there any
polyphonic modern synths that come close to the CP in fatness and ease
of tweakability? There are some new players out there, in addition to
the Prophet 08, Poly Evolver and latest Junos. I bet the Prophet 08
would be the best bet if I ever needed a versatile replacement.

--- In, "hkreddig" <stupidallen@...> wrote:
...But making sure the batteries havent leaked and replacing them
seems a good thing to do. Have someone gently hover the control panel
the board enough for you to swap the batteries.
good luck. -jack