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Subject: any advice on rebuilding the front panel needed .

From: alex459686 <>
Date: 2007-05-09

hello all .
im about to take the plunge and attempt to rebuild the front panel . replacing all buttons
to get my polaris back in service .
i have very basic soldering skills and even more basic knowledge of electronics (that
makes it sound like a bad idea;)
anyway, i have downloaded the "chroma polaris panel button wiring matrix" PDF but have
a few questions .
to anyone thta has rebuilt their front panel :
-what do the "SW" and "STB" signify on the PDF ? are these different types of switches ?
-what kind of electronic parts / switches to i need ? are they on/off or merely a
momentary style switch (not sure of the correct terminology here) .
-what kind of size or depth switch would anyone recommend ?
-im assuming "J9A" , "J9B" , "J8A" and "J8B" are the connections on the PCB where the nasty
fragile ribbon connectors would originally connect . which is which ? is this marked on the
circuit board ? and are the connections counted from left to right / top to bottom or how ?

i guess it is then a matter of building a rats nest of wiring to connect the switches to each
connection on the PCB .
would i have to connect the switches "the correct way round" or do they connect either way
round ?

apologies for so many questions, and if they seem very basic . i would like to check
everything over thoroughly before i attempt this repair .
to anyone who has completed a successful polaris facelift that could guide me through i
would really appreciate the help .

many many thanks in advance .