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Subject: Re: need to MIDI access most functions

From: "unluckybitch" <unluckybitch@...>
Date: 2007-05-06

There are a lot of crucial functions you wont be able to access:

1. Saving is one important one.
2. Turning the Midi functions on and off is another that is very
(if it is off you wont be able to turn it on so that all the continues
controllers will be able to function)
3. Changing the midi channel is another.
4. And just simply recalling and changing programs is one obvious one.

Hop that helps?

--- In, "Bill Stearns" <wmsts@...> wrote:
> I decided to take a chance on a membrane-dead Polaris. So do you have
> to access the controls (other than the keyboard itself) thru a
> computer? What about a smaller MIDI controller (for instance - those
> hand held MIDI things I've seen around)? I've played 'boards for
> several years now, but have not needed to mess with MIDI before now.
> Any advice is appreciated.