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Subject: Re: [chromapolaris] Local Off - how?

From: "David Clarke" <ac151@...>
Date: 2019-02-15

> so I did my gig with the Chroma, but I ...experienced, that "Lower Function,
> Interface, 1 -> Off" does not switchoff the keyboard only, but also the the sliders! 
> Apparently the sliders are considered as a separate controller.
The sliders should behave in a manner similar to the keyboard.
Specifically - you are disabling 'local' control.  So - that means that local keyboard keys won't go to the sound engine, nor will local panel slider movement.
That said - if you have the other settings on, BOTH settings (keyboard and sliders) _can_ go out over MIDI.  (You can confirm this by monitoring the MIDI data stream from the Polaris).
So - if you have an external device configured to echo MIDI data back, then you will still have slider control over the Polaris.
E.g., key and controller data will be produced, will not 'locally' affect the Polaris, will go out over MIDI.  If that MIDI stream comes back into the Polaris, then the Polaris will play both the notes and the controllers (sliders).
Note - above I said that both data elements _can_ go out over MIDI.  There are other settings that can come into play too.
Specifically - there is a separate setting that controls whether 'Panel' data (e.g., sliders) will be generated.
If you are seeing that note data is set out via MIDI but slider data is not, then then please check the Lower Function, Cassette settings.  You will want specifically to look at setting #8 - this is the MIDI Panel Switch - and you will want this turned on/enabled for slider data to be set out via MIDI.
David Clarke