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Subject: Re: [chromapolaris] Local Off - how?

From: Florian Anwander <fanwander@...>
Date: 2019-02-14

Hello David,

so I did my gig with the Chroma, but I was experienced, that "Lower Function, Interface, 1 -> Off" does not switchoff the keyboard only, but also the the sliders!  Apparently the sliders are considered as a separate controller.


Am 11.02.19 um 00:32 schrieb 'David Clarke' ac151@... [chromapolaris]:

> I want to set my Chroma Polaris to local off. The keyboard should send
> MIDI-events, but the synth section should react only on events from the
> MIDI-input...
Relative to the manual reference, LF_interface Controls
1) Whether the main instrument/link instrument/sequencer should receive 'local' keyboard events
2) Whether main instrument/link instrument/sequencer events should go out the Chroma port
3) Whether MIDI In messages go to the main instrument/link instrument/sequencer instrument
4) Whether main instrument/link instrument/sequencer events should go out the MIDI port
Local Off effectively means 'disconnecting the local keyboard' from the local sound generating hardware so:
If you want MIDI messages to be sent, then you want group 4 on.
If you want MIDI messages to be received (to allow events for the local synth to be played), then you want group 3 on.
If you DO NOT want the keyboard to directly 'play' the local synth, then you want group 1 off.
(Unless you have something connected to the Chroma port, you don't care about group 2).
So - if you want Local Off you generally would want:
Lower Function, Interface 1, 2, 3 OFF
Lower Function, Interface 4, 5, 6 OFF
Lower Function, Interface 7, 8, 9 ON
Lower Function, Interface 10, 11, 12 ON
> … . I also did not want
> to try it, and then find me with an unusable synth.
Generally speaking, anything you change in the standard selections can be 'undone' (e.g., you won't end up with an unusable synth).
Note - if you turn local off, then if you want the Polaris' keyboard to 'play' the Polaris, something external will need to echo back the MIDI traffic.
David Clarke