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Subject: Chroma Polaris II For Sale

From: "fredgalpern" <fredgalpern@...>
Date: 2004-12-27

I have a fully functional Chroma Polaris II for sale. The only thing
wrong with the unit is the housing for the controls on the lower left
side (bend and something else) is broken. The controls still work so
all that needs to be done is to either tape the housing back in place
or make a new piece, either way it shouldn't take much time to fix.
I'm selling this unit because I have no need for it. I inherited it
from a college roommate years ago and want to be rid of it. I
understand this unit was only produced for one year and is fairly
rare. Please email me at fredgalpern@... if you're interested in
buying it. I would like to get a minimum of $500 for it.